Digital single for the upcomming album Nuevahola.
OUT April 20th 2009!




The album Nuevahola (Cherry Red CDMRED 395) will be preceded by a digital download single in 20th April 2009 titled Mejor, containing the brand-new track ‘Mejor’ and a pensive cover of The Rolling Stones’ ‘Paint It Black’, both of which appear on Nuevahola. The single also includes a previously unreleased demo, ‘Sentada’.

01 Mejor (New song!)
02 Paint it Black (Rolling Stones' cover, 2006)
03 Sentada demo (Picnic b-side unreleased, 2007)

Cineplexx is Sebastian Litmanovich: vocals, guitars, bass, percussion, secuences, synthezizers, keyboards, sampler, tambourine.

Federico Aubele: Chorus & guitars on Mejor
Natalia Clavier: Chorus on Mejor
Stuart Kidd: Drums on Nueva Sombra & Mejor

All songs written, arranged and produced by Sebastián Litmanovich @ portatile room mobile using an iBook and Protools Free. Except 'Paint It Black' written by Jagger/Richard (ABKO Music Ltd/Onward Music Ltd/Westminster Music Ltd)
Buenos Aires & Barcelona
Mix: S.L. + Martín Litmanovich {} / Mastering: Alan Wilson at Western Star
Photo: Roc Herms {} / Poster and Design: Ana Montiel for Alan The Gallant {}
This compilation (P) & © 2009 CHERRY RED RECORDS LTD.

QUOTES FOR Mejor (single):

Nuevahola (CD review) ...whispery vocals and esoteric soundscapes also bridge into the realm of atmospheric electronic. / IODA

Nuevahola (CD review) ...El cedé es una atractiva selección por los tracks incandescentes de Litmanovich (Fácil, Todo, Tarde…), también contiene el cover Paint it black de los Stones, y cuatro inéditos. Uno de ellos se llama Hermosa espera, cuya maqueta fue inicialmente la introducción al programa de las tardes de la Rock & Pop docta en 2004. Vaya alegría reconocerlo a tientas otra vez, hecho canción y diciendo algo tan simple y apacible como “llegó el descanso para la cabeza…sobre tus piernas…”. Hermosa espera, la de los que persisten en las melodías que dan belleza y fulgor a este mundo" / Ricardo Cabral para

Nuevahola (CD review) ...Pop sutil y encantador /

Nuevahola (CD review) ...O argentino Sebastian Litmanovich, cabeça por trás do Cineplexx, é, desde maio, artista do casting da excelente Cherry Records, que inclui clássicos do tamanho de Cabaret Voltaire no catálogo. O disco, batizado de Nuevahola, reúne folks lisérgicos de diversos álbuns do cantor e compositor, há alguns anos exilado em Barcelona. Interessante: mesmo sendo coletânea, o disco alcança consistência de álbum. Quem ouve pela primeira vez, tem certeza de que tudo ali é parte de um mesmo - e excelente - projeto. / Rodrigo Maceira, Dominodromo blog @ MTV Brasil

Nuevahola (CD review) ...From a record that took a mere twelve years to collate, Sebastian Litmanovich at long, long, long last releases a sort of Best Of album. These aren’t the Cineplexx A-Sides, you see, they’re a medley of the Argentine graphic designer’s more peculiar moments: the thirteen brightest demos and trinkets from his six installments to date. “Mejor,” however, is the newly-recorded lure, the one the fans will isolate from the download and be keen to get acquainted with. And talk about jewel in the crown: the dreamy haze and Spanish pop fit the recent hot weather like a glove, leaving me with a strong urge to say, “fuck it” and head to the beach. As bronzed and decadent as Richard Hawley and with more than just a little hint of hula, “Mejor”‘s lazy chords and unstressed snare drums are just what the doctor ordered—something to take your mind off the bad shit besieging the world at the moment. In his floaty lilt from the heart of Barcelona, Litmanovich conjures the dream sounds of sixties chill, transporting you to a time where open convertibles and free love flowed like the warm summer sun. It might sound a little fey to the white knuckle gang, but given that there’s not much flowing at the minute except for the steady spread of pig disease, I know where I’d rather be" -

Mejor (Single song review) ...Cineplexx's new single, "Mejor," a lush breeze of hazy guitar strums, enchanting Spanish coos, and soothing waves of percussion. It's just the right stuff for the laziest of beach bums, late night drive enthusiasts, or perhaps those of you still recovering after a long, long night. /