Não moro mais em mim: versiones de Adriana Calcanhotto (VVAA)
Si No Puedo Bailar, No Es Mi Revolucion (SNP005)
May 2011

This is my version :)

Cantata (después de estar con vos) - Cineplexx by naomoromaisemmim

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Remezcla said:
The inclusion of Brazil within the Hispanic/Latin sphere is a point of contention. In some Spanish-tongue die-hard’s mind the language barrier excludes them, but if we were all bound only by language, then the world wouldn’t make much sense. Language isn’t the only medium of comprehension. Culture connects us, as does music. And that’s what Brazilian netlabel Si no puedo bailar, no es mi revolución set out to prove with their latest compilation, Não moro mais em mim, a 10-track beauty spanning Adriana Calcanhotto’s career.

If you don’t know Adriana Calcanhotto, then this comp serves as an easy crash course into her serene, melancholic music, served up by some of our favorites in the Latin American indie scene. Não moro mais em mim is Calcanhotto as interpreted by Colombia’s Lido Pimienta, Puerto Rico’s Mima and Balún, Chile’s Los Mil Jinetes, Brit-Brazilian duo Zeep, Venezuela’s Jóvenes y Sexys (duo by Algodón Egipcio), and many many more. The lineup reads like the U.N., all artists spanning the Latin side of the globe who appreciate Calcanhotto and Brazil’s contributions to the music world and beyond.

The tracks all stand out somehow, each artist adding a different coat to the song. Some have electrofied her work, others have gloomed it down, and others have made dance tracks out of the melancholy. Coiffeur’s rendition of “Unos versos” is gut wrenching, while Cineplexx’s “Cantata” has all the wonder and flight of those ’90s pop gems. It’s a feel-good album of beautiful arrangements and we fully recommend downloading this RIGHT NOW. Do it. Now.

Here is the full tracklisting: 1. Zeep – Inverno (Hot and Cold Mix) 2. Cineplexx – Cantata (Después de Estar Con Vos) 3. Franny Glass – Escuadras 4. Los Mil Jinetes – Cariocas 5. Entre Ríos – Vambora 6. Balún – Sudoeste 7. Jóvenes y Sexys – Mitad 8. Coiffeur – Unos Versos 9. Mima – Mentiras 10. Lido Pimienta – Segundos