Enrique Iglesias - Bailando (Cineplexx remix)

Universal, 2014

Cineplexx - Florianopolis Remix (FREE EP)

Remixes byAlgodón Egipcio (Bailar), MoMA (Feature Film), Federico Aubele (Te Quiero) & Aldo Linares (Amores de Verano)
Nuevahola Records, 2014 (UK)

Cineplexx - Perfume Remix (FREE EP)

Nuevahola Records, 2013 (UK)

BMX Bandits - Take Me To Heaven (Cineplexx remix)

Elefant Records, 2013 (UK/Spain)

Violeta Vil - Amish (Cineplexx remix)

Discoteca Oceano, 2013 (Spain)

BMX Bandits in Space

Elefant Records, 2012 (UK/Spain)

Listing Ships - Then Venice Sank (Cineplexx remix)

Idle Fret Records, 2012 (UK)

Conveyor - Woolgatherer (Cineplexx Remix)

Paper Garden Records, 2012 (USA)

Yushimi - Greatest Hits

Yushimi Records, 2012 (Peru)

Stealing Sheep - Noahs Days (Cineplexx Remix)

Idel Fret Records, 2011 (UK)

Cineplexx - Mejor (Copacabana Mix) Remixes & Other Singles (FREE EP DOWNLOAD)

2009 Cherry Red Records A free remix of the song Mejor form the album Nuevahola featuring Federico Aubele & Natalia Clavier, and all the latest Cineplexx's singles & remixes like Tiger Trap featuring Duglas T. Stewart (of BMX Bandits).

Chocolat - Cathy Claret with Cineplexx

Chesapik, 2010 (Spain)

The Christmas Family Tree - Cineplexx & Ally Kerr

Much Obliged Records (UK)
*This is collaboration song

Between Two Waves

(VVAA) 2010
EardrumsPop (USA)
*This is a Free Compilation Creative Commons license

Cineplexx - Espiral & A mi Lado Remixx (FREE EP DOWNLOAD)

2008 Portia Records (US & CA) / Molecula Records (MX) "The record will likely inhabit your stereo for the entirety of the summer." Square Girls


by Natalia Clavier
ESL Music (US) 2008
guest musician

Dublab Session (Live, FREE DOWNLOAD) 2007

Dublab Radio (USA)
Cineplexx did a live session for dublab.  He plays a cover of The Velvet Underground and a cover of Leumann, as well as many of his own songs.  The great thing about it is that it's all acoustic, so it's a great chance to listen to his music under a different light.

La danza sincronizada de los cacahuetes magnéticos

by Cacahuetes Inc. 2005
Rojo Magazine (SP)

Vol. 1 (Cover Album)

by Portatile Room Mobile
(mp3) 2005

Distancia Beisbol Tres

(DVD VVAA) 2004
Rojo Magazine (SP)


The Lady & The Gentle Man - A Songwriter's Valentine (VVAA)

Artists: Cineplexx, Tracey Thorn, Felt, Robert Wyatt, Louis Philippe, Monochrome Set, Ben Watt & BMX Bandits.
Cherry Red Records, 2012 (UK)

Resonancia Magazine - Comp. (VVAA)

Resonancia Magazine, 2012 (Mexico)

Fantastico Fin del Mundo - Comp. (VVAA)

Molecula Records, 2012 (Mexico)

Não Moro Mais Em Mim (VVAA)

Si No Puedo Bailar No Es Mi Revolución, 2011 (Brazil)
Free tribute album to Adriana Calcanhotto

Summer Is Here!

(VVAA) 2011
Cherry Red Records (Uk)

A Taste of Cherry Red

(VVAA) 20101
Cherry Red Records (Uk)

All Those Times We Spent Together - A Tribute to the Television Personalities

(VVAA) 2010
The Beautiful Music (USA)


(VVAA) 2010
Woodland O Bosque (UK)

Fantástico 2!

(VVAA) 2010
Molécula Records (Mex)

Indietracks 2010

(VVAA) 2010
Make Do and Mend (UK)


(VVAA) 2009
Cherry Red Records (Uk)

Winter Holidays

(VVAA) 2009
Little Pocket Records (USA)


(VVAA) 2009
Molécula Records (Mex)

SeriesTwo Vol.7

(VVAA) 2008
Series Two Records (US)

It's Only Indierock but I Like it

(VVAA) 2006
Diegol Records (AR)

Rojo Tachan

(VVAA) 2005
Rojo / Nosordo (SW)

Depeche Mode Tribute

(VVAA) 2002
Discos Sordos (AR)

Popstock Try me!
(VVAA) 2002
Everlasting Records (SP)


(VVAA) 2002
Discos Sordos (AR)

Lotus Lounge Vol.2

(VVAA) 2001
Bar None Records (US)

La Sede 01

(VVAA) 2001
La Sede (AR)

Exploraciones hacia el Polo

(VVAA) 2000
Diegol Records (AR)

De Super Acción

(VVAA) 2000
Fuga Records (AR)

You are Here

(VVAA) 1999
Criminal Records (US)

Pepitas Electrónicas

(VVAA) 1999
Inrockuptibles Magazine (AR)