Winter Holidays with Little Pocket
Little Pocket Records (Compilation)
December 2009

Winter Holidays with Little Pocket is out now!
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Track listings:
1 Cineplexx & Ally Kerr - The Christmas Family Tree
2 And Bears, Oh My! - Tannenbaum Parade
3 St. Christopher - Almost December
4 Echo Orbiter - Hurry Up Andy
5 Irene - Christmas on the Beach
6 Glowfriends - Resolution
7 Gary Pig Gold - A Christmas Song
8 Retail - The Day After Christmas
9 Komon - Poetry for the Winter10 Santa Monica Swim and Dive Club - X's for X-Mas
11 Folklore - Christmas Ape Goes To Hollywood
12 Moonbeams - It's Getting Cold
13 The Soft City - Snow Keeps Falling
14 Pop Etc - Jour de Fête
15 Lisa Mychols - Joy Is In The Giving
16 The Postcards - Stay Home
17 The Cryogenic Strawberries - Lonely X-Mess
18 The Invisible Strings - I Can Hear The Snow Falling
19 Kingsauce - Chanukah Blues

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The song is The Christmas Family Tree, we made the song using Skype (me from Barcelona and Ally from Glasgow), then Ally wrote the lyrics and recorded his vocals over the music I had sent and produced. The result is this song that both Ally and I are very proud of, enjoy it!