All Those Times We Spent Together - A Tribute to the Television Personalities (VVAA)
The Beautiful Music (USA)
May 2011

This is my version :)

Cineplexx - I Hope You Have a Nice Day (Television Personalities cover) by Cineplexx

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Norman Records said... on 11 February 2011.
The third installment in this series paying homage to Dan Treacy's legendary group has landed and it is packed with 23 tracks and also comes with a bonus disc. Folks involved include The Years, Anorak Girl, Blue Petal, The Model Spy, JP Bartlett, A Smile & A Ribbon, Sarandon, The Painted Word, Amida, Boyracer, Apple Orchard, Cineplexx, Bunny Grunt and tons of other people I cant be bothered to type out so go check out the item page on the site. The bonus disc also has 23 tunes (so that's 46 in total for any of you that failed miserably at mathematics). This disc has Babybee, The Nomen, Neil Mooney, The Pristines, Golden Teardrops, The Puddle, Humdrum, Palmflower and a host of other bands I now totally cannot be bothered typing in case my fingers fall off.