Series Two Records, Vol.7
(VVAA compilation) 2008 SeriesTwo Records, US

New 4 CD Indie Pop Compilation Track Listing and pre sale information. July 8 release

Full Track listing for Series Two Records compilation Volume 6, Volume 7, Volume 8 and Volume 9 is below . Official release date is July 8, 2008. The compilation 4 CD set features 98 artists and over 300 minutes of music. The Compilations feature artists from all over the world including bands from USA, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom,France, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Italy, Belgium, Norway, Costa Rica, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Peru, Spain, Malaysia, Latvia, Mexico, Philippines, Japan, and Russia.These compilations will be sold together as a 4 CD set for 30 USD (postage paid to anywhere in the world), There will only be 100 (4 CD) sets available and they will come hand numbered with their own artwork (glossy color artwork and case for each record). Once you view the track list if you'd like to place a pre order for the album send 30 USD for each set requested via paypal to . These sets will be ready for shipment beginning in July. If you have any questions please e-mail me via or Myspace message the label via

All proceeds that are made from these compilations will go towards promotion costs for forthcoming releases on the Series Two Records label.

Series Two Records Compilation Volume 7 Track List (CD 2): This Volume 7 will include a song from each of the following artists. The artists on this particular compilation are from Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Peru, Spain, Malaysia, Latvia, Sweden, Mexico, Philippines, Japan, USA, Canada, UK, and Russia.

1. Fantastic June- May (INDONESIA) http://www. myspace. com/fantasticjune
2. Anthony Rochester- Friend, Request Manager (AUSTRALIA) http://www. myspace. com/anthonyrochester
3. Sausage- Only You (THAILAND) http://www. myspace. com/sausage1995
4. Granizo- Olas (PERU) http://www. myspace. com/granizo1
5. Autofans- Los Virus (SPAIN) http://www. myspace. com/losfracasosasombrosos
6. Ferns- Disaster Strikes Again (MALAYSIA) http://www. myspace. com/fernfrens
7. Tramplini- Tas Pats (Latvia) http://www. myspace. com/tramplini
8. Callahan- Boarding Pass (PERU) http://www. myspace. com/callahanpop
9. Community Musk- Good Pastures (AUSTRALIA) http://www. myspace. com/communitymusk
10. South Ambulance- The Nightmovers (SWEDEN) http://www. myspace. com/southambulance
11. Corazon Attack- Mi Motivo Particular (MEXICO) http://www. myspace. com/corazonattack
12. El Satelite Jameson- Hojas Secas (SPAIN) http://www. myspace. com/satelitejameson
13. Lazy Lorelei- Pop Song (PHILIPPINES) http://www. myspace. com/lazylorelei
14. Like This Parade- Ok! Anne I Really Carry Out Your Monster (JAPAN) http://www. myspace. com/likethisparade
15. Souffle + Beehive- A Perfect Day For Walking A Camera (JAPAN) http://www. myspace. com/soufflebeehive
16. Sunny Summer Day- You're The One For Me (INDONESIA) http://www. myspace. com/sunnysummerdayindo
17. The Assistants- The Ghost In Your Skin (CANADA) http://www. myspace. com/assistants
18. The Making Of- Are You Ready For More (United Kingdom) http://www. myspace. com/themakingofband
19. The Nothingdoers- Pictures (RUSSIA) http://www. myspace. com/thenothingdoers
20. Toy Singers- If I Was Here Today (CANADA) http://www. myspace. com/3958067
21. Tunas Bangsa Simphony- Indelible Hearts (INDONESIA) http://www. myspace. com/tunasbangsasimphony
22. Under Shooting Stars- Sweater Weather (PHILIPPINES) for contact message series two records
23. Maybe Tonight- Your Silence (SPAIN) http://www. myspace. com/maybetonightpowerpop
24. Tulip Circus- Dream (JAPAN) http://www. myspace. com/tulipcircus
25. Cineplexx- Espiral (COURTESY OF PORTIA RECORDS) (SPAIN) http://www. myspace. com/cineplexx
26. Your Yellow Dress- Everlasting Thing (CALIFORNIA USA) http://www. myspace. com/youryellowdress