Nectar, by Natalia Clavier
(LP) 2008 ESL Music, US

My friend Natalia Clavier just released on ESL MUSIC her very first album with the production of another great friend Federico Aubele (who plays in a few tracks on Picnic as well).
I had contributed with synths and ghostly vocals on her strong and inspired cover version of Atahualpa Yupanqui's "Tu que puedes vuelvete", maybe the greatest folklore traditional musician from Argentina. When I was asked to add some synths I finally added voices too, for my surprise, with a natural facility reminding me all this roots music learned in the school when I was a 6 years old child in Buenos Aires.
I also had designed her album so I am very involved on this release as you can see :)

Get her album here

Here I will copy from her press release:
"An exquisitely talented vocalist" — Obscure Sound, 2007
"The incredible Natalia Clavier brings Aubele's work alive" — Indieoma, 2007
"Natalia Clavier's voice, when combined with Aubele's guitar, will make you feel like you're lovestruck and floating stoned through a Buenos Aires disco" — Citylife, 2007
"The cool comes in the vocals of the languid and haughty Natalia Clavier (a name to make note of) — MOJO, reviewing Panamericana 2007
"The relaxed feel is beautifully complimented by the smooth, sultry vocals of Aubele's labelmate, Natalia Clavier, whose velvety tone is reminiscent of Astrud Gilberto in The Girl From Ipanema" — WERS 88.9, reviewing Panamericana, 20076.